Focus for this weeks Before, During & After project summary is a property in Headford, Co. Galway. Last time around we showed you the damage Dry Rot can do once it gets into floor joists, now we are going to give you an insight into its equally undesirable brother, Wet Rot.


Upon inspection, Harry and Stephen quickly realised that the wet rot problem stretched from the hall right through to the front and rear rooms of the house. The wet rot had affected the timber floor joists in all three areas to such a degree that a noticeable sag had occurred in the three floors.

It was determined by the team that the root cause of the issue was a combination of poor ventilation and no damp proof membrane present underneath the floors.


The following treatment plan was decided on. To begin with, all infected joists and wall plate timbers were removed.

Following this, the exposed floor areas were sterilised in order to eliminate all wet rot growths. Extra air vents were then added to external walls to improve ventilation at the sub floor level. A damp proof membrane was also laid over each floor area. Finally, new timber wall plates were fixed on top of a PVC damp course on tassel walls.


To finish, the damp proof membrane that was added to the three floor areas was covered over by concrete screed. The floors were then finished with timber floor boards and chipboard.

That marks the end of our second Before, During & After project summary. To learn more about our specialist wet rot treatments, visit our website or contact us!

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