Timber Cleaning, Repair & Restoration

 We specialise in the removal of paint, superficial soiling and crusted coatings from historic timber surfaces. Thanks to our low disturbance repair process, new sections of timber can be species matched and are joined using our innovative design approach.

Low Disturbance Restoration of Timbers

For many years we have being repairing damaged and below-specification timber members. With particular emphasis placed on the repairing of timber resin splices. The vast majority of historic buildings have a requirement to retain as much of the original material and character of the structure as possible. Crucially, our low-disturbance technique achieves this whilst also acting as a cost effective means to breath new life into original building features.

Furthermore, our tailored repair process allows us to be flexible in our approach, with respect to the access we have to carry out repairs. The adhesive materials we used are designed specifically to behave like wood. Consequently, they strengthen the performance of the original timber which prevents the need for complete removal and replacement.

Low Disturbance Cleaning of Timbers

Our carefully developed timber cleaning procedure is particularly suited for historically valuable surfaces. With a flat impact angle, this gentle process causes no damage to timber finishes. We have had great success with this procedure on painted Pine Wood church ceilings, which are notoriously difficult due to Pine being a soft wood.

We are specialists in the Cleaning, Repairing & Full Restoration of Timber Surfaces.

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