What Our Clients Say

Freda Fleming


"The McGuinness team were very professional and communicated well from start to finish. Great time keepers and tidy workers. I would be happy to recommend the company."

Adam Keane


"Great service by Harry and his team! Very thorough and will tell you exactly what you need done. Couldn't recommend Harry enough!"

Peter Jordan


"I found the information and services provided by McGuinness Building Preservation to be very beneficial when restoring what is now our 130 year old home!"

Our Services

Quality and Transparency underpin everything we do. Which is why we only use trusted, premium brand materials and initial consultations are of no obligation to clients. We also take the hassle out of hiring qualified tradesmen by offering a full range of building services including: Block/Brick work, Carpentry and Electrical services, as well as Plastering and Plumbing. Upon completion of every project, a written guarantee is provided to ensure peace of mind for all of our clients that their issue(s) will not return.

Rising Damp & Damp Proofing

Rising damp occurs in the walls of buildings when moisture from the ground rises up through the walls of a building. The purpose of a damp proof membrane is to repair the damage done by damp walls and prevent the issue of damp walls from reappearing. The solution involves establishing a horizontal barrier. Such a barrier is created through either Chemical Injection or Electro Osmosis.

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Dry Rot & Wet Rot

A fungal attack on untreated timber, Rot has the potential to travel quickly through a moist or damp building. Complete treatment of the fungus requires a comprehensive course of chemical treatment and a carefully detailed programme of associated building work.

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Timber Cleaning, Repair & Restoration

We specialise in the removal of paint, superficial soiling and crusted coatings from historic timber surfaces. Thanks to our low disturbance repair process, new sections of timber can be species matched and are joined using our innovative design approach.

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Woodworm Beetles affect untreated timber in homes and offices nationwide. Many woodworm infestations can be eradicated through chemical woodworm treatment. However in extreme cases, such is the damage done by the wood boring beetles, timbers may have to be replaced.

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Condensation, Mould & Ventilation Systems

Condensation is a growing issue in both dwellings and commercial premises. It is a direct result of improved draught proofing and insulation. We combat the issue by installing a Positive Ventilation System. It regulates humidity levels which prevents the formation of condensation.

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Membrane Systems

Membrane systems are a complete range of products which are used to solve damp problems in both new and old construction projects. They can also be used to deal with aggressive ground water conditions, contamination & salt problems, tunnel lining - & even as a barrier against radon gas.

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Faรงade/Masonry Cleaning & Restoration

The faรงade, or the 'face of a building', plays an integral role in the overall appearance and visual impact of the structure. During restoration, extreme care is taken in order to match the appearance of the treated area to that of the original faรงade.

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Tanking & Waterproofing

Tanking involves applying a totally waterproof membrane over a surface, thereby preventing the entry of water. It is a particularly suitable method for water-proofing balconies and basements, along with damp proofing floor screed. The waterproofing of a basement also requires the installation of a Sump Pump system.

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Damp Floor Treatment & Concrete Repair

Solid floors are often found to be damp because no effective damp proof membrane is present underneath. To rectify this problem, we apply a Resin Floor Coating which acts as a Damp Proof Membrane, creating a vapour proof epoxy barrier. Meanwhile, our innovative repair solutions allow us to repair all brick and concrete cracks.

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