Hello.. McGuinness Building, Eileen speaking. What is your call in connection with?

Those words will forever live long in my memory. Growing up they offered me respite from my Irish and English spellings. Every evening as soon as we started homework my poor mother would have to juggle answering the phone, helping with homework and making dinner amongst countless other things. Unquestionably the glue that holds everything together, if it wasn’t for Eileen it is unlikely McGuinness Building and lord knows even our family, would have made it this far.

Always feeling at home making sure debits were matching credits, Eileen acted as the number cruncher for Harry during his milkman days. So it was only natural that once McGuinness Building became a going concern Eileen found herself once again tasked with balancing the books. In addition, she also put her creative eye to good use by designing the companies first logo.

Original Business Logo

Often the voice of the business, Eileen has effortlessly managed to deal with client queries and complete monthly and end of year accounts for over thirty years now.

No Job too Big or too Small

In a nutshell, isn’t that phrase at the core of every small family business? Where fancy job titles mean nothing and everyone is willing to give a helping hand where needed. Nobody typifies that willingness more than Eileen. Owner of a can-do attitude that knows no bounds, she has played an integral role in helping McGuinness Building get to where it is today.

Photo of Eileen and Paul

Attention shifts to myself next month. Tune in for an impartial account of how I have played a part in helping the family business to grow whilst simultaneously getting better at keeping my eyes open for photos.

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