Please take a look at the galleries below, detailing some of our past projects.

Community Centre, 2018

This Community Centre had suffered from a large-scale dry rot outbreak, affecting both the ground floor and first floor levels.  A broken gutter pipe was identified as the moisture source that caused the outbreak.  A Dry Rot fruiting body was found growing at ground level; it had also affected the brick and timber heads at the windows and doors, along with timber panelling and window boards.

To ensure complete eradication of the issue, the remedial work had to be quite in depth. It started by removing all affected plaster, timber heads, wood panelling and opening up the ceiling. New concrete heads were fitted above the windows and doors, along with the replacement of floor joists that were affected by Dry Rot. New windows were also fitted. This building work was followed by a chemical treatment to kill Dry Rot within the walls and on wall surfaces.

This was followed by the fitting of metal studs and new plasterboard to the walls; the fitting of new internal door frame and architrave, and finished by applying skim finish to the plasterboard along with new wall skirting. After the wall finishes had been allowed to cure, the walls were then repainted; this concluded the project and left us with another happy customer.

Church Restoration

The church in question was in need of extensive Timber Cleaning and Restoration treatment. From the roof to the church pews, each item had previous paint carefully removed and affected timber restored. Please take a look at the gallery to view some of the process.

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